Welcome to Bargains for Irish Consumers

Welcome! The idea here is pretty simple (and should be obvious from the title).

This site will regularly blog about money saving tips and bargains with a slant towards Irish consumers. So make sure to subscribe by RSS or check back regularly for the latest updates.


4 responses to “Welcome to Bargains for Irish Consumers

  1. Michael Barrett

    Hi,Just reading your posting re How to avoid paying Ryanair the cr.card fee etc by using Entropay. What do you put into the Ryanair site for the cardholder address which must match the Visa a/c no.
    Also do Entropay give you an expiry date, CVV no etc.
    Tx Michael Barrett

  2. Hello, I have just successfully used this card and I had no problem….I use my Irish address, just be sure to fund the virtual card with GBP….Entropay send you the CVV, expiry date etc….it is very easy…hope this helps….Kay

  3. optician quality spectacles at massive reductions, specifically for the Irish market.

  4. Yvonne O Connell

    I joined Entropay to avoid paying the outragous charges Ryanair charge to book flights. Got all et up with Entro, money in acc, number cvv no and expiry date. Have just been trying to book flight with Ryanair and for some reason even putting in Visa electron, the €20 was still being added on, but not only that, when I went ahead anyway to book the flight, it would not accept the payment, I tried a few time and same thing happened. I eventually had to try book with my visa and it all went ok till end and they told me it was a double booking even though I have no ref.no and now I dont know where I am. Any idea where Imight have gone wrong. I put Entropay user where name shouold be as instructed on the site.

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